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Hare and Turtle running competition

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Hare and Turtle running competition
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Hare and Turtle running competition

     The Hare liked to boast about the speed of run. Who is able to compete with me? the Hare asked every beast.

     I accept your challenge, a Turtle once said.

     Ha, ha, ha, ha, all the animals laughed. Everyone knew that the Turtle is a very slow animal. However, a day was appointed for the Hare and Turtle race.

     When that day came, no beasts went hunting, everyone gathered to watch the competition. The Turtle and the Hare prepared for the start. An Elephant blew the big whistle, and the race began.

     The Hare darted and almost immediately disappeared from sight. To show that the Turtle is too slow, the Hare lay down on the grass to take a nap. The Turtle kept moving.

     The Hare slept too long. When the Hare woke up, the Turtle was near the finish. The Hare jumped up and tried to catch up with the Turtle, but the Turtle was already crossing the finish line.

     So the slow Turtle won the quick Hare.

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