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Bees protect honey

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Bees protect honey
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Bees Protect Honey

     Once upon a time in the Ngongomwa forest there was a hardworking bee family.

     One year it rained well and many trees had beautiful flowers. The bee family worked hard. Bees carried nectar from flowers and made honey. Even bee children helped make honey. It was made a lot of honey, and honey flowed everywhere.

     A man was walking through the forest and saw honey flowing. The honey was very tasty and the man stole all the honey. The man put the honey in bottles and carried it to the market. Many people bought honey.

     When the bees found out that honey was stolen, they were very upset. The bees were desperate. Bees wanted to find a way to combat theft of honey. Then it was decided that some bees would become watchmen. They will sting anyone who can steal honey.

     Since that day the bees sting everyone who walks past bee's nests.

the drawing of bees

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