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Why Timba screams

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Why Timba screams
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Why Timba * screams

     Once upon a time, animals were farmers. They grew only corn. They did not receive large crops and starved.

     One day, the Goat called the animals to a meeting to teach them the mind.

     At the meeting, the Goat said: Ladies and gentlemen animals, you work a lot, but you do not reap much. This is because you grow corn only. You completely forgot about cabbage! In addition, beans bring fertility to the soil.

     The animals clapped their paws in approval.

     The animals followed the advice of the Goat and began to grow different cultures. The animals began to receive large harvests.

     The animals were happy and decided to have fun. They made a banquet. Invited guests ate and drank all evening. The moon was already shining when it was time to dance the dances.

     Timba danced the best. When the dance was ending, Timba got broken leg.

     * Timba is a small bird that screams at dawn, at about 4 a.m. Apparently, this fairy tale gives an explanation of why this bird screams: Timba breaks the leg, dancing at a night banquet.

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