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How there were lizards

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How there were lizards
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How there were lizards

     Once there was a Crocodile. The Crocodile lived in the river with its small children. Sometimes they all came out of the water to bask on the shore. In this case, the Crocodile taught the children to run away from danger. Every time there was a danger, they all together jumped into the deep waters so that enemies could not catch them. However, two small young crocodiles were in no hurry to jump into the river. They were too careless.

     One day, when Crocodile's children were playing on the shore, the Crocodile heard the noise of approaching enemies. He told the children that the enemies were coming. The young crocodiles quickly jumped into the river, but two of them remained on the shore again. They hid behind the rocks.

     A few days have passed. The skin color of two remained small young crocodiles has changed, because they have been in the sun for too long. When the Crocodile saw them again, the Crocodile did not recognize them, they changed so much. The Crocodile did not allow them to return into the river.

     Two small crocodiles stayed to live on the shore among the stones. So there were lizards.

the crocodiles a drawing

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