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Lion's funeral

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Lion's funeral
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Lion's funeral

     All animals feared the Lion, because the Lion ate them. None of the animals dared to approach the Lion, except the Hare. The Hare was too small and the Lion did not want to eat the Hare.

     Much time passed and the Lion became old and weak. Once, when the Hare came to the Lion, the Lion said: I am sick and I cannot hunt, let me eat you, because I am hungry. Do not eat me. I will help you get food, the Hare answered. The Hare dug a grave and told the Lion to lie in the grave, pretending to be dead.

     Then the Hare went to the jungle, crying out loud that the Lion had died. The inhabitants of the jungle heard the news and hurried to the site where the Lion lived. They found the Lion lying in the grave. All the animals were happy: The Lion is dead! We will live in peace!

     The beasts sang and danced around the pit, while the Lion silently looked at them. He was thinking about which one of them he could catch. The Lion jumped out of the pit and grabbed the Buffalo that was closest to the pit.

     Other animals ran away in fear.

Funeral of Lion

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