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Why Zebra is beautiful

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Why Zebra is beautiful
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Why Zebra is beautiful

     In ancient times, the Zebra was not as beautiful as the Zebra is now. The Zebra was dressed in a very dull color. Meanwhile, the Peacock always had beautiful feathers.

     The Zebra decided to go to the Peacock. I ask you for help, the Zebra said to the Peacock, I want you to make me beautiful.

     I will help you if you agree to protect me always, the Peacock said. The Zebra was willing to protect the Peacock. Then the Peacock pulled the best feather out of own tail and began to paint by this feather over the skin of the Zebra. Where the Peacock feather touched the skin of the Zebra, beautiful stripes appeared. Soon whole Zebra's skin was covered with beautiful stripes.

     This is why all the zebras look beautiful.

Zebra and Peacock the drawing

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