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Why Cat runs after Rat

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Why Cat runs after Rat
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Why Cat runs after Rat

     Once upon a time, the Cat and the Rat were friends.

     Once they went to the market and bought green bananas. They put the bananas in a pot and hid the pot in the forest. The Rat said to the Cat: I will check bananas every day. I'll tell you when the bananas are ripe.

     A few days later, the Rat opened the pot. The Rat saw that several bananas were ripe and look very tasty. The Rat has eaten the ripe bananas.

     In secret from the Cat, the next day the Rat has eaten all the ripe bananas again. The Rat started eating the ripe bananas every day. The bananas were so delicious that the Rat even stopped visiting the Cat.

     Probably, the Rat has forgotten to check the bananas, the Cat thought, Okey, I'll check the bananas myself. The Cat went to the place where the pot was hidden.

     The Rat was eating the last banana. The Rat did not hear the Cat come up.

     The Cat saw that the pot was empty. Greedy Rat, the Cat got angry, Have you eaten all the bananas? Then I will eat you!

     The Rat rushed to run away. The Cat ran after the Rat.

     Since then, the Cat always runs after the Rat, because the Rat has eaten the bananas.

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