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Why Dog chases a car

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Why Dog chases a car
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Why Dog chases a car

     Once upon a time, the Cow, the Goat and the Dog lived together. Once they decided to visit Mr. Leo. But Mr. Leo lived far away. Then the Cow, the Goat and the Dog decided to take a taxi.

     The taxi driver told them that the trip would cost 1 coin from each of them.

     The Cow said Moo and gave the driver 1 coin.

     The Goat said Baa because the Goat had no money.

     The Dog said Woof and gave 2 coins, scratching behind the ear.

     So, the Cow, the Goat and the Dog climbed into a taxi and went.

     When they reached Mr. Leo's house, the Cow calmly got out of the car.

     The Goat jumped out of the car and ran away.

     The Dog got out of the car and scratched behind the ear. Then the Dog thought for a bit and decided that the driver should give 1 coin back. But the taxi has already gone.

     Since then, whenever the Cow sees a car, the Cow does not leave the road quickly, because the Cow owes nothing to the driver.

     The Goat, on the contrary, having heard the sound of the car, runs away, because the Goat did not pay for the trip.

     The Dog still wants to get 1 coin back. That is why the Dog always runs after the car with barking.

Why a dog chases a car

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