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Haile Selassie Ave and others

     The largest industrial and commercial center of the African country of Malawi, the city of Blantyre, with a population of 1.5 million people (together with the Limbe satellite), lies in the middle of three low mountain peaks in southern Malawi. Blantyre was founded by Scottish missionaries in 1876. Named after the Scottish town of Blantyre (near Glasgow).

     Despite the large number of people living here, the business center of Blantyre remains remarkably compact, most shops and offices are located here within walking distance of each other.

     Relatively speaking, the business center of Blantyre is limited to two streets, in the north it is the Glyn Jones Road, in the south - Haile Selassie Avenue, passing to Independence Drive. Glyn Jones Road and Haile Selassie Avenue, starting at one point, run to the west, gradually diverge. In a maps, the business district of Blantyre resembles a bottle facing the neck to the east. Business district are cut into approximately two equal halves by Victoria Avenue, which goes from south to north.

     We drive along Victoria Avenue towards the center. To the left - Delamere House, office center:

Delamere House

     Further the intersection. To the left - Independence Drive, to the right - Haile Selassie Avenue, ahead - the continuation of Victoria Avenue. The yellow-white building at the end of the avenue is Sunbird Mount Soche hotel, which is on Glynn Jones Road:

Victoria Avenue

     Victoria Avenue, intersection with Henderson Street (white building on the right - Chayamba Building, where shops and offices are located), a little further - Ned Bank:

Victoria Avenue

     Henderson Street. Seven-story building on the right - Development House, inside - shops, offices. In this building is also the largest radio station in Malawi, Capital FM:

Henderson Street

     Development House, rear view. There is no walked people, it seems, there is no asphalt on the pedestrian path:

Development House

     The same place, slightly to the right. Wasteland with overlooking the pathos buildings of National Bank of Malawi (on the left) and Reserve Bank of Malawi, which are located at the intersection of Henderson Street and Hanover Ave:

National Bank of Malawi and Reserve Bank of Malawi

     Glyn Jones Road, intersection with Victoria Avenue. In the middle of the crossroads is a clock with advertising:

Glyn Jones Road

Clock on Glyn Jones Road

     This is Sunbird Mount Soche hotel, which we saw from Victoria Avenue:

Sunbird Mount Soche

     Glyn Jones Road:

Glyn Jones Road

Sunbird Mount Soche

     Adjoining the Glyn Jones Road St. David Street:

St David Street

     Haile Selassie - the last emperor of Ethiopia and the God of the Rastamans. In August 1965, Blantyre welcomed Haile Selassie, who arrived in Malawi with a three-day state visit. Haile Selassie Avenue received its name in memory of this visit.

     Haile Selassie Avenue, eastern part:

Haile Selassie Avenue

     Haile Selassie Avenue, towards Victoria Avenue (the white Chayamba Building is visible in the distance):

Haile Selassie Avenue

     Haile Selassie Avenue, view of Henderson Street. Advertising Airtel, one of the largest providers of cellular communications and the Internet in Malawi and in Africa in general:

Haile Selassie Avenue and Henderson Street

     All for today. But this is not our last tour of Blantyre. Come else, look - there will be a lot of interesting!

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