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Golden Peacock Supermarket in Lilongwe

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Golden Peacock Supermarket in Lilongwe
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Where you can buy everything

     Capital of Malawi Lilongwe has a large supermarket, it is called the Golden Peacock. In the Golden Peacock you can find different products, ranging from vegetables to children's bicycles and flowers. Most of the industrial goods are from China, hieroglyphs on the labels show this fact eloquently. In trade and economic terms, China has long and densely been present in Africa, and Malawi is no exception.

     Golden Peacock is located at the Presidential Way, about half a kilometer East of the City Centre. There is a low-rise district here. Near the supermarket are mansions, and the building of the Golden Peacock is also stylized as a mansion. Outside, the supermarket seems small, but this is a deceptive impression: the area of ​​the Golden Peacock is several thousand square meters.

     So, the Golden Peacock! The look of the supermarket:

Golden Peacock Supermarket in Lilongwe

Golden Peacock Supermarket in Lilongwe

Golden Peacock Supermarket in Lilongwe

     The complex has several catering facilities, including a Chinese restaurant:

Chinese restaurant

     Inside the supermarket:

Golden Peacock Supermarket in Lilongwe

     Canned food. All from China:

canned food

     Vegetable oil in five-liter bottles. Price 5000-5200 MKW (7.0-7.3 USD) per bottle:

vegetable oil

     Vegetables, the set is standard: cabbage, onion, garlic. And overripe bananas:


     Cauliflower, lettuce. In the upper left, along with cucumbers - small pumpkins:


     A lot of industrial goods. Plastic buckets and chairs, bedding, other goods:

industrial goods

industrial goods

     Footwear. Sneakers cost an average of 7 - 8 thousand of Malawi Kwachas (9.8-11.2 USD), there is also more expensive, up to 15 thousand. Women's shoes cost from 4 000 MKW:


     Here there is a whole sea of children's bicycles, in different forms, including stylized motorbikes and cars, the price for a bicycle is 100 - 200 thousand MKW (140-280 USD):

childrens bicycles

childrens bicycles

     Notebooks and folders, all are Chineses:

notebooks and folders

     Still folders, the price of 1000 - 8000 MKW:


     Computer keyboards, waterproof, with excellent flexibility, high quality (as it is written on boxes), from China, at a price of 9 599 (13.5 USD):

computer keyboards

     Home theatres:

home theatres

     Plates, bowls, and others, from 800 Kwachas and above:




     There are guitars, about 50,000 Kwachas:


     Flowers and vases:



     Well, if the flowers do not cheer you up, you can add colors to life with the help of Christmas decorations for 799 Kwachas apiece!

Christmas decorations

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