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Mulanje Mount

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Mulanje Mount
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We saw Mulanje

     Mulanje sharply raised above the surrounding terrain, this is the mountain massif in the southern part of Malawi near the Mozambique border. The area of the mountain massif is approximately 2226 kilometers, the highest point-Sapitva peak (3002 meters). Along with Kilimanjaro in the North (5,895 m) and the Dragon mountains in the South (3,482 m), Sapitva peak is one of the three highest mountains on the East coast of the African continent.

     The Mulanje massif is cut by deep narrow valleys (gullies). These valleys are the only place on Earth where Mulanje Cedar grows. Mulanje Cedar is giant evergreen tree to 50 meters in height with a valuable, durable, resistant to decay and insect damage to wood. This tree is endangered of disappear. Now the area of the Cedar forest on mount Mulanje is not more than 10 square kilometers. Mulanje Cedar is the national symbol of Malawi.

     Mount Mulanje is part of the Mulanje Mountain Forest Reserve. To climb mount Mulanje without a guide is prohibited.

     From Blantyre to Mulanje mountain, approximately 65 kilometers. We were passing through the small Mulanje town, located to the southwest of the mountain. By the way, the district is also called Mulanje.

     View of Mulanje. In the woods there is garbage:

Africa Malawi Mulanje mountain

     The outskirts of Mulanje town. View of mount Mulanje. A bored rickshaw. Rickshaws here do not use trailer carriages, they just use the rear wheel, where the seat is fastened. One trip costs no more than $ 1.

Africa Malawi mount Mulanje rickshaw

     Yet one photo of mount Mulanje:

Africa Malawi mount Mulanje

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