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      This website uses the following own cookies to store information in the user's browser:
      style - cookie is set if the user has chosen the option of graphic design (style) of pages;
      fsort - cookie is set if the user has chosen the option to sort the section names on the main page;
      tsort - cookie is set if the user has chosen the option to sort the names of the topics;
      usort - cookie is set if the user has chosen to sort the data about the members;
      ns - cookie is installed regardless of the user's choice, can have 2 values (ns=1 - user device has a narrow screen; ns=0 - user device has a wide screen);
      user - cookie is set (until the end of the session) regardless of the user's choice, the user's login is recorded in the cookie, or guest or robot when viewing the pages of the site by the guest or search robot, respectively;
      cw - cookie is set if the user closed the warning window about cookies (user pressed the "OK"button).

Third-party cookies

      In addition, your browser may accept cookies set by Google and Yandex (analytics, webmaster tools, traffic counters, advertising) through our website. For more information about the privacy policy of Google and Yandex, see the relevant pages:

      Google, Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

      Yandex, Privacy Policy

Local storage

      Our site stores in the local storage of the user's browser all the text typed by the user in the field for entering messages. When you send a message, it is removed from the local store.

Delete cookies, clean local storage

      To delete cookies, use your browser's options. To clear the local storage, open the message box and remove all text from it.

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